What’s the method behind Time Tigress? How is this different than other Time Management courses?

The Time Tigress plan builds on 3 concepts: (1) monthly focus, (2) together, (3) slow and steady.


Monthly focus.

Just like musicians practice the same basics, again, and again, and again. And professional athletes go through the same moves again, and again, and again … Time Tigresses practice their basics again, and again, and again.

Personally, I’m tired of hearing new information all the time. I’m ready to go deep. To practice deep, and get to know myself better, my life, and what works for me.  And, yes, this is totally inspired by Flylady.

When you start with Time Tigress you can access all lessons, all videos and all pdfs immediately. However, this can be overwhelming. So, we have a monthly focus.



We move through these phases together. We actually already do.

Most people do some kind of yearly review in November/December. And some kind of goal setting in January. Summer is the time for connecting with your friends and family – the right context to practice the 7 habits of highly effective people.

In the beginning of each phase, I will make a new wordpress-page. We communicate by adding comments. As the community grows other or more specific needs for communication may surface, and we see how we respond to that. But we start small, baby steps.


Slow and steady. 

This is how world records are broken, how at one time a single Russian Tennis club produced more female top ten Tennis players than the whole US, and some of the worlds best music talents increase their learning speed by a factor of 5.

It’s also how Flylady went from chaos to peace, to sharing that with the more than 400 000 subscribers to her email list. So, I post some steps to be done in each phase, and then we just practice over and over, and get better and better.

Preferably, I want you to stay with us for 2 years. This is a slow fix. You can join us at any moment, and you can cancel every month. Once you have entered the Time Tigress zone, it’s my responsibility to keep you happy – not yours.

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