Why is Time Tigress in English while your other page (www.planningparty.nl) is in Dutch?

Well, this is not a perfect situation. It’s a result of a series of decisions. If I would do it again, both pages would be in Dutch. I hope that one day I look back at this situation, and it will remind me of the BodyShop.

Do you know why the BodyShop has dark green as its brand color? I always thought it was because dark green somehow refers to everything organic, healthy and environmental. Turns out that is not the reason at all. Back then the color dark green was not associated with “everything organic, healthy and environmental.”

So, what was the reason, then? Dark green was the only color that the owner could afford and which was also dark enough to cover the ugly spots on the wall. Isn’t that just wonderful? Sometimes we make decisions, maybe not always for the most beautiful of reasons, and afterwards it turns out to be just fine.

Which came first, the long or the short hair?
I’m always wondering about peoples hair. So, I guess it’s just fair to let you know about my hair-history (Hair-story?). In the videos at Time Tigress I have long hair, a few months after having finished the video recordings, I cut them short. And I very much like the new look. So I feel I keep it for a while.

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