profielfoto-echtmooijI help business women to have more pleasure and profit.

I believe that having a business gives you the ultimate freedom in living your life – your way. If I look at society today I see that women struggle with getting or enjoying that freedom. And I know that my expertise, time management, can help you in living your life according to your rules- not anybody elses.

I also don’t believe in rules, when it comes to time management. We know so much about psychology, we don’t need discipline or control to get us moving. I believe in taking scientific insights, packaging them in a catchy story (that way you never forget them), and giving you practical tools for immediate implementation.

time-tigressI have conducted a Ph.D. in how to support people when taking planning decisions. But what’s my personal story regarding using time management to grow a business?

After 15 years of university I started my own business. Wow – what an adventure.

I first tried to sell time management to scientists – and failed. things were so bad financially, I had to go back and give classes in computer science in order to pay the bills. On some days I teach databases in the morning – and write a blog in the afternoon. And all with the same brain.

I know the struggle of overwhelm, priorities, focus and motivation. However, science teaches us a lot about the brain and we as business women can use that to our advantage. Let me show you how.

Let me show you how to become a time tigress. A woman that is strong, sexy and vulnerable – but only if she wants to. She lives her life – her way and gets to experience it all.

By the way, how does my company look like now? There are goals I still want to reach – and I know I will.

time-tigress_2Some facts about me: I came to the Netherlands more than 10 years ago, and I really enjoy living here.

What I love about the Netherlands how relaxed people can be and refreshing. I play some recreational tennis.

I enjoy reading autobiographies. My strangest hobby is probably knitting of small animals. Such as the penguin you see to the right.

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