Do you work too much with too little results?

When you look back at last year:

  • did you reach your business goals?
  • did you take the vacation you wanted to take?
  • do you wonder where all those hours of hard work went?

Luckily, there is a solution. Imagine, if you could:

  • take the vacation you want to take?
  • spend time with your family, your friends and yourself?
  • get more happy clients?

Time Tigress is an online training for business women.

  • each month has a clear focus
  • you can share your insights, and receive individual support
  • you get immediate access to more than 50 videos, and more than 100 pdf’s

Time management courses can cost 1500 Euro and more. And then they are not even customized to your unique situation as a female business owner.

  • How much is it worth to have the vacation you long for?
  • How much is it worth to spend time with your family, friends and yourself?
  • How much is it worth to have the company you dream of?



What do other say?

Here are some testimonials from my live courses:



Saskia Steur – van de Riet

“Elfriede has a natural charm when teaching people new skills, the simple and effective way.

I highly recommend her for her positive energy, her extremely motivating way of sharing knowledge and her capacity to make something potentially boring into an adventure you cannot resist to jump into.

If there is anything you wish to know about Effective Time Management, then please do contact Elfriede!”




Anouk Plantinga

“Elfriede is an inspired trainer with a warm heart and a lot of humor. Difficult material is simplified in her teachings. She lets you DO on the spot, theory becomes experience.

After her training your mind is clear and you’re ready for action. At home you know exactly what to do to start and stay working in an arranged way and to have fun with to-do-lists”



Stance van Heijst

Stance van Heijst

“I’m always busy and whenever I have taken something off my action list there are 5 new items to put on it. Because of that I sometimes forget to step out off the “business of life”. And still it is important to give yourself moments like that.

Elfriede helps you with that and also with setting the right priorities. By having a little distance you can look at everything with fresh eyes and create peace of mind.

Participating in the planning party made me conscious of that I need to regularly create distance to my daily activities so that I can reflect and refine my planning.

Thank you Elfriede for this increase in consciousness.”


How much do I charge?

While the information I share can be life changing, I know that you might be so busy right now that you can only take baby steps.

I don’t want you to get frustrated by expecting too much of yourself (like watching the more than 50 videos), I want you to take it slow, and build up your own time management system.

While I believe that baby steps are one of the strongest powers to manifest solid change … they do take time. So, I want this course to be accessible for you, even if you take it slow. One beautiful baby step at a time.


Just pay 27 Euro (excl Dutch VAT) per month

– and you can cancel anytime.

Yes, you can even join for 1 month, watch all the videos, download all the pdfs, and cancel before your second payment. Keeping you happy with the training is my responsibility – not yours.

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